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Brittany Ferries

Brittany Ferries have been linking Spain and the UK by ferry for several decades now.  They currently run services from Santander to both Plymouth and Portsmouth, and are due to start a new Santander-Cork service in 2018.  BF’s flagship, the huge Pont Aven, runs the routes all year except during the winter, when the smaller Cap Finistere takes on some of the crossings.  Both routes are also covered by BF’s budget Economie service, which is run with two further, more basic, ships, the Etretat and the Baie de Seine.  If you book these boats, make sure you read the information on the services provided beforehand to avoid disappointment.

Pont Aven

Brittany Ferries flagship, the Pont Aven

New for April 2018, Brittany Ferries introduces a new 28-hour Santander-Cork (Ireland) route.  This will be another Economie route, running on their newly acquired Connemara boat.  Currently this is bookable online on both Brittany Ferries’ Irish and Spanish sites, but not on their UK website, but you can ring them to book.  There is more information on it here.

Also available on their website is an excellent guide to the Port of Santander, including information about the new changes to port access due to the construction of the new Centro Botín arts centre.

Also worth mentioning here is the excellent offers that Brittany Ferries have if you buy your complete holiday with them.  If you’re thinking of sailing over and renting accommodation in Cantabria, check out the Spanish Casas holiday section on their website, their offers including ferry, cabin, car and house are very reasonably priced, and they’ve got some great accommodation options around the region (including hotels too).

And finally, if you’re planning your holiday a long way in advance and there’s a sailing, property etc. that you are interested in but are unable to book through the website as it’s not open yet, ring them, they have a great support centre and will tell you how to go about things.


Local Ferry Services


Las ReginasLos Reginas, a well established and long running company, run a half hourly daily service across the bay of Santander to the beach resort town of Somo with its beautiful long beach, and Pedreña with its yacht club and very good fish restaurants (and also its golf courses – Pedreña was the hometown of the late Seve Ballesteros).  Their office is located on the promenade close to the ferry terminal, where they have a cafe, ticket office and waiting area.


Excursiones Marítimas are based in Santoña, and offer a regular ferry service across from the port in Santoña to El Puntal, the end of the long beach in Laredo.  Weather permitting, it runs from 9am-9pm in summer, and up to 4 times a day during the rest of the year.  There is no service in December, January and February.



Boat Trips


Los Reginas is Santander’s longest running ferry company (and a bit of an institution), principally offering a regular daily service between their waterside ticket office and cafe on Paseo Pereda, across the bay to Pedreña and Somo and its beaches.  They also offer excursions around the bay and El Sardinero beaches, as well as a popular longer excursion up the Cubas river (between Somo and Pedreña) and back.

Santander Bahía Tours offer boat trips around the bay of Santander, leaving from the newly renovated Gamazo area of Santander (near the Palacio de Festivales).  They operate Easter to October.

Bahía de Santander offer environmental boat trips, with guided tours by boat of the wildlife and marine environment around Santander bay and Somo.  Some of their excursions include a section on foot to see specific things of interest, and there is one which offers seabird and marine mammal watching trips at sea.


Excursiones Maritimas also offer 3 different excursion options along the coast, including Castro Urdiales, Oriñón and a trip around the bay of Santoña/Laredo, all with guided commentaries.


actiTur, based in Suances, offer two different itineraries, one around the Suances bay and its islands, and the other up the estuary of the River Besaya, both with commentaries.

One response to “Boat and Ferry

  1. Brittany Ferries are getting better and better; they treated us really well when faced with the unexpected breakdown of the Santander-bound ‘Pont Aven’ car-ferry in May 2016;
    – keeping us informed by phone and email,
    – rescuing our holiday by paying generously for the suggested alternative of a drive through France with a couple of stopovers in their lovely hotels en-route to our favourite ‘Hotel del Oso’ in Cantabria,
    – then, to top it, finding and safeguarding the items of lost property which we stupidly left in our cabin on board on our return trip!
    And really good value if you book their hotel+ferry package during their winter early booking period. Well done BF!


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