The north coast of Spain, with Cantabria slap bang in the middle, is often known as Green Spain…which is a big clue as to its weather!  Obviously, to be green you need moisture and sun, and Cantabria has both in abundance.  When people ask “What’s the weather going to be like in August?”, it’s a hard question to answer here.  It’s a very changeable environment, partly because it’s very dependant on the wind direction, and partly because of the landscape.  North wind generally means cooler, often wetter weather (snow in winter), and the famous south wind (famed in Spain for making people crazy!), which generally brings warmer weather and strong winds.  The valleys in Cantabria, run from the sea, where they result in numerous river mouths, up to the Cordillera Cantabra in the south, the long mountain range running along the north coast of Spain which includes the Picos de Europa, and the Campoo and Asón areas, and afterwhich starts the meseta (Spain’s huge flat central plain).  This huge variety of relief means that it can be beautifully sunny in one area, snowing in another and raining somewhere else.  It also means that weather prediction in the region is notoriously difficult, so it’s very hard to find one website which has accurate predictions for everywhere.  The national weather website, AEMet is the most used site, and there is a new MeteoCantabria site, although they use AEMet’s data.  In addition there is an excellent free iphone and android app by which has hourly and daily forecasts, satellite images, rain forecasts, wave forecasts and sea temperatures.  For current weather info, you’re best looking at the appropriate webcam for the area you’re interested in.  As for what to bring then, the answer is layers!  You never know what to expect, but you’re likely to get some sun and some rain, so sunglasses and an umbrella are a good idea.  In summer it can get very hot, in winter it can snow anywhere.  On both the sites mentioned above you can get monthly data to give a better idea, although every year seems to be different recently!

Specific weather reports

Surf reports can be found either on magicseaweed or windguru (also used by some for general weather reports).

Snow reports can be found at Alto Campoo‘s website (the ski station above Reinosa).

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