The weather in Cantabria is very changeable, and due to its mountains, coast, and valleys inbetween, there can be a huge variation of weather between places.  For this reason webcams are especially useful when travelling here, as weather forecasts are notoriously inaccurate or generalised.  It is a good idea, if you have internet access whilst here, to check out the webcams below, in locations all over Cantabria, to help you find that patch of sun! *Make sure you check the date at the top of each webcam to ensure that what you’re seeing is a live picture, and not a frozen picture from earlier* Those marked with a * are especially useful to surfers or other watersports enthusiasts.

Abra de Pas Golf Course (near Liencres beach)

Alto Campoo Ski Station (4 webcams, closest town is Reinosa)

Cabezon de la Sal (2 webcams, western Cantabria)

Castro Urdiales Port (many webcams, far eastern Cantabria)

Cobreces Beach (near Santillana del Mar)

Comillas Port (many webcams, western Cantabria)

Corconte (on the Ebro reservoir, southern Cantabria)

Corconte Albergue (on the Ebro reservoir, southern Cantabria)

Espinilla (Campoo valley)

Fuente Dé Cable Car (at 1,850m in the Picos de Europa – closest town is Potes)

Isla de Mauro (Sardinero bay area)

Laredo Livecam* (from Santoña overlooking Laredo)

Laredo Port (many webcams)

Mataporquera (Valdeolea, southern Cantabria)

Nestares Golf Course (2 webcams, near Reinosa)

Palacio de Festivales (3 live webcams, in Santander overlooking the bay and Somo beach)

Polientes (Valderredible, southern Cantabria)

Potes (looking towards the Picos de Europa)

Reinosa (southern Cantabria)

Reinosa Norte (southern Cantabria, looking south)

Salces (Campoo valley and Nacimiento del Ebro)

Santander (lots of different perspectives on Santander, the centre, traffic and El Sardinero beaches)

Santoña Livecam (live webcam, eastern Cantabria)

San Vicente de la Barquera (ovelooking the town, far western Cantabria)

San Vicente de la Barquera Port (far western Cantabria

Sardicam* (live webcam, Sardinero beaches, Santander)

Sardinero Beach* (Santander beaches)

Somo Beach Livecam* (Somo)

Suances – Locoscam* (live webcam, Los Locos beach, Suances)

Tresviso (above the Desfiladero de la Hermida on the way to Potes)

Villar (Campoo valley)

Further Webcam Websites

Meteo Campoo has a huge selection of webcams for southern Cantabria and northern Palencia, as well as automatic 24hr timelapses.

Webcam Cantabria is attempting to create a network of webcams in Cantabria, it is slowly setting itself up, although not all links worked at the time of writing. Webcam Santander has a selection of webcams around the city of Santander, also useful for traffic.

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