Boat Trips

There are increasingly more companies offering boat trips in Cantabria, whether up the rivers, around the bays or on the reservoirs, they offer a different and interesting perspective of the region.


Las Reginas

Los Reginas passenger ferry from Santander to Pedreña and Somo

Aside from their ferry service to Somo and Pedreña, Los Reginas also offer excursions around the bay and el Sardinero beaches, as well as a longer excursion up the Cubas river (between Somo and Pedreña) and back.

Bahía de Santander offer environmental boat trips, with guided tours by boat of the wildlife and marine environment around Santander bay and Somo.  Some of their excursions include a section on foot to see specific things of interest, and there is one which offers seabird and marine mammal watching trips at sea.

Santander Bahía Tours is a new company who from April 2015 will also be offering boat trips around the bay of Santander, leaving from the newly rennovated Gamazo area of Santander (near the Palacio de Festivales).


Excursiones Maritimas also offer 3 different excursion options along the coast, including Castro Urdiales, Oriñón and a trip around the bay of Santoña/Laredo, all with guided commentaries.

Through their program of events, Naturea also occasionally offer bird watching and general boat trips in Santoña, you can see their upcoming events from Santoña here and a full program of events here.


actiTur, based in Suances, offer two different itineraries, one around the Suances bay and its islands, and the other up the estuary of the River Besaya, both with commentaries on wildlife, history and industry.

Ebro Reservoir

For many years it has not been permitted to sail boats on Cantabria’s biggest reservoir, however in the last few years this ban has been lifted.  There is still no company that does tourist boat trips here still, but through the program of events, but again, Naturea occasionally do boat trips during the year as part of their events program.

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