Fiestas of National Tourist Interest

At a national level in Spain there are some fiestas which are considered to be of special interest to tourists, labelled in Spanish as Fiesta de Interés Turístico Nacional, which are especially historical, unique or otherwise.

Cantabria is home to several of these, although the exact number depends on which organisation you ask, regional or national – all a bit complicated.  For the sake of argument and Cantabria, I have gone for the maximum of 12, all of which personally I would consider to be worth making a detour for at any rate!

In date order they are:

La Vijanera – Silió – First Sunday of the year (unless this is New Year’s Day, when it is celebrated on the 8th January)

Cabalgata de Reyes – Santillana del Mar – 5th January

Carnavales de Santoña – Santoña – 40 days before Maunday Thursday

Pasión Vivente – Castro Urdiales – Good Friday

La Folía – San Vicente de la Barquera – Sunday after Shrove Tuesday

El Coso Blanco – Castro Urdiales – First Friday of July

Gala Floral – Torrelavega – Sunday after 15th August

Día de Cantabria – Cabezón de la Sal – Second Sunday of August

Batalla de Flores– Laredo – Last Friday of August

Guerras Cántabras – Los Corrales de Buelna – Last weekend in August – first weekend in September

Día de Campoo – Reinosa – Last Sunday of September

Fiesta de Orujo – Potes – Second weekend in November





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