Via Ferrata

There are currently 6 Via Ferratas in Cantabria, with the newest opened in October 2017.  There is a leaflet in Spanish available from the Cantabrian tourist board including some but not all of them.

The first 2 are in the Liébana area:

Via Ferrata La Hermida

This was the first Via Ferrata in Cantabria, and is located just past the village of La Hermida in the Hermida Gorge (the N621 between Potes and Unquera).  It is free to use if you have your own equipment and know what you’re doing, and has various route options including 2 vertiginous bridges.  During the summer and at weekends you can hire equipment and a guide (if necessary) from the little cabin at the start of the Via.  Alternatively, the extremely helpful staff at GuiaTrek in Ojedo (opposite the church next to the Hotel Infantado) rent equipment at the same prices given on the Via Ferrata website.  They are also a fountain of knowledge about climbing in this area if you’re interested.

Via Ferrata Camaleño

This is located just before the village of Los Llanos, on the CA185 between Potes and Fuente Dé.  There is a reception centre opposite La Meson Los Llanos, although if you need to rent equipment or a guide, you should ring in advance to ensure there will be someone there to help you, it is not always manned.  If you have your own kit, the Via is free and open.


There are 3 Vias are in the Asón area.  Guides and equipment hire for these can be arranged by the Red de Cuevas del Alto Asón in Ramales de la Victoria,  the Centro de Actividades Alto Miera in La Cavada, (both these websites also offer extensive information and guided routes for climbing, caving, canyoning and other adventure sports in the Asón and Miera areas), and also the  Oficina de Turismo de Ramales de la Victoria.  There is an online leaflet for these three Vias.

Via Ferrata El Risco

This Via is located near the village of Matienzo, Ruesga, north west of Ramales de la Victoria on the CA266.  It’s open and free for the experienced.

Via Ferrata El Cáliz

This Via is managed by the same organization as the previous Via, and is located on the path between Ramales de la Victoria and Cueva Covalanas (the rock faces along this stretch are full of climbing routes and climbers, ask at the tourist office in Ramales or the Red de Cuevas de Alto Asón), marked as a PR route with yellow and white stripes.  It’s also free and open to the experienced.

Via Ferrata de Socueva

This Via is also managed by the same organization, and is located near the village of Socueva, just south of Arredondo on the CA265.  Again, free and open to those who know what they’re doing – but it’s rated as extremely difficult.

Via Ferrata El Torreón de Liérganes

The newest Via, opened in October 2017, is near Liérganes, and is now open to the public.  There is an information office, with equipment hire and guides, next to the town hall in Liérganes.  It also has a well updated Facebook page with opening hours etc.


Finally, this blog entry might also be of interest to those interested in Via Ferratas, good pictures and further technical info, although all in Spanish.  And if you’re on Facebook, Via Ferrata Cantabria also has photos of some of the Via Ferrata routes.

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