More Ratón Cantabria

Ratón Cantabria is spreading across the web continuing the mission of providing English tourist information for Cantabria with a personal touch! You can find more from Ratón Cantabria in the following places:

Facebook Page – photos of Cantabria with descriptions and useful information, plus further posts and shares with tourist information in English.  Like Ratón Cantabria!

Twitter – tweets, retweets, photos and visits in Cantabria in English.  Follow Ratón Cantabria!

Instagram – photos of Cantabria looking lovely.  Follow Ratón Cantabria!

Pinterest – a growing collection of map based resources for Cantabria.  Follow Ratón Cantabria!

Tripadvisor – Ratón Cantabria is Destination Expert for Cantabria on Tripadvisor.  If you have any questions regarding your trip, the Cantabria Forum is the place to post and get personalized responses, plus use the search feature on the Cantabria Forum to browse through the mountain of information that has already been contributed.

Wikiloc – great websites for walks, find details of walks done by Ratón Cantabria, with maps, photos, technical and general route information, in English, uploaded by yours truly and many more contributors.  NB: This is a new venture for Ratón Cantabria, as of yet there are not many routes uploaded, little by little!  You can of course still find hundreds of routes uploaded by others, however mostly in Spanish.


2 responses to “More Ratón Cantabria

  1. What an awesome website! Thank you!! Traveling to Cantabria in June and we love FOOD!! What are your top ten must eat restaurants in the area? We may also travel as far as parts of Asturias. Thanks in advance. 🙂


  2. Hi there Catherine,
    As I try not to be biased on here with regard to places to eat and stay (I obviously know my favourites, but at the same time haven’t tried everywhere, so I don’t feel I can fairly comment), I can’t really give you specific places. However! I can give you a link to Cantabria’s Michelin starred restaurants to get you started: (this is a pdf from the official Cantabria Tourist Board site and will download straight to your computer) It’s in Spanish, but the names, maps and beautiful photos will give you a pretty good idea anyway.
    Otherwise, if you’d like to post your question on the Cantabria forum on (, you’ll get my reply and more on there (I’m a little more biased on there).
    Enjoy your trip and hope the site has helped with your planning!
    Ratón Cantabria


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