Blog introduction

So after much pondering about how to highlight some of the more hidden and under-promoted places in Cantabria, I have decided to add another, slightly more personal, component to Ratón Cantabria through a blog section.  Here I hope to sporadically add to the general, more generic information on the rest of the website, with places I’ve recently or previously visited, hopefully drawing attention to the lesser known, and also giving ideas of how to develop day/half day trips around the region.  Yet another experimental phase!  Let’s see how it goes, feedback would be very welcome (see the contact tab or comment below), and I hope Ratón Cantabria continues to inspire!  Here we go…no, wait!  Something I must reiterate before beginning is that all the opinions here are mine alone, I am not endorsed or influenced by any organisation, establishment or person other than my personal experience and passion.  As I’m going to be naming places, restaurants, etc. which I have enjoyed, I feel that is an important point to make.  And the reason why I’ve sectioned off this section as the blog section, differentiating it from the rest of the website.  Ok, so here we go…!


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