Well the first thing to say is that this blog has come about for one reason, my love of Cantabria.  Every year I live here, my passion for the region increases.  I believe it to be one of the most beautiful areas of Spain, yes, I am biased, and proudly so!

When I first came here, I was surprised at how underdeveloped it was in terms of tourism, especially with regard to attracting foreign visitors, and especially considering the large numbers who came through Santander by ferry, but seemed to head directly south to the costas.  There are areas of the region which have always been popular with tourists, Potes and Santillana for example, but there are so many hidden gems and as Cantabria wakes up to its beauty and potential, which I think it now is (with the help of a certain low cost air company), there is still a lack of comprehensive English information on the area.

Several years ago I personally started contributing about Cantabria to various well-known travel websites, in the form of forum posts, reviews and writing articles to help travellers to the area.  I have always been interested in tourism, and worked in tourism in the UK before moving to Spain, and this seemed a good way to quench my thirst, so to speak!  For many years I have been thinking about how to be most useful to Cantabrian tourists, so now I’ve decided to set up this blog and see how it goes.

My aim here is to provide useful, accurate, well researched information which is helpful to English speaking travellers to the region.  I’m going about this by thinking of the information that I personally look for when travelling to other destinations, be it where to get local train times, what day the local market is…or where I can hire a canoe!  Of course there will be a certain amount of my personal opinion included, but I hope to avoid being negative about anywhere, it is not my aim to start rating (or berating) and reviewing places.

So, we’ll see how it goes, a work in progress and a bit of an experiment, never having blogged before, but I hope it’s worth it and it inspires some people to come to Cantabria, and helps those that do to get the most out of their visit.

Any suggestions for topics or areas to cover, feedback or any errors I may make would be hugely appreciated!

¡Viva Cantabria!

Ratón Cantabria

UPDATE: I’d just like to reiterate one point which has been brought up several times to me recently.  This blog came about because I love Cantabria and want to share that love.  The whole of Ratón Cantabria is totally off my own back, and I get no financial or other gain from doing it.  You’ll see there are no advertisements on the site, that’s deliberate, I find them distracting when I visit other sites, so I keep them off mine.  Who knows, this might change in the future, anything can happen, never say never and all that.   But as it stands at  present I am not associated to or endorsed by any other organisation/company/otherwise, and I receive no incentives to write nice things about places.  If I do so, it’s because I liked it, and I think other people will enjoy it too, simple!

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