Driving Distances

Cantabria has a very good, fast, free and relatively new motorway network, the main elements of which are the A67 running north to south (to Palencia and beyond) and the A8 running east (from the Basque Country ) to west (to Asturias) across the province, the crossing point of which is Torrelavega in the centre.  There are some small sections of motorway around Santander as well, including the new S30 motorway linking the A67 from Torrelavega with the A8 to Bilbao and avoiding the worst of the traffic in Santander.

Approximate driving distances from Santander are as follows, if you want more detailed timings, try a site like Via Michelin.

Going East

Bilbao – Santander – 1hr

Santander – San Sebastian – 2 hrs  (toll between Bilbao and San Sebastian)

Santander – French border – 2hrs 15m

Santander – Somo – 30m

Santander – Noja – 40m

Santander – Santoña – 40m

Santander – Laredo – 40m

Santander – Castro Urdiales – 50m

Santander – Lierganes – 25m

Santander – Ramales de la Victoria – 50m

Going South

Santander – Torrelavega – 20m

Santander – Madrid – 4hrs 30m

Santander – Palencia – 2hrs 10m

Santander – Burgos – 2 hrs 10m

Santander – Aguilar de Campoo – 1hr 10m

Santander – Los Corrales de Buelna – 30m

Santander – Reinosa – 45m

Santander – Puente Viesgo – 30m

Santander – Vega de Pas – 1hr

Santander – Polientes – 1hr 30m

Going West

Santander – Oviedo – 2hrs

Santander – Santiago de Compostela – 5hrs 30m

Santander – Llanes – 1hr

Santander – Potes – 1hr 45

Santander – San Vicente de la Barquera – 45 m

Santander – Comillas – 45 m

Santander – Santillana del Mar – 30m

Santander – Suances – 35m

Santander – Polaciones – 1hr 45m

Santander – Cabezon de la Sal – 40m

From East to West

Castro Urdiales – Unquera – 1hr 20m

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